Dangerous Situations to Avoid When Cycling

As a cyclist, you understand the importance of ensuring drivers can see you so you don’t get involved in a crash. You also know that you need to be alert when riding so you can act defensively and avoid a crash at the last minute. You know that you face numerous risks when you are riding, but some situations are much more dangerous than others. Here are few dangerous situations that you need to try to avoid so you don’t end up injured because of a crash.

Parked Cars

When you are cycling past parked cars, you need to be extra cautious. Drivers might not see you approaching and turn right into you. In this situation you should watch for turning wheels and listen for engines starting up so you can get out of the way if the need arises. If possible, avoid areas where there are plenty of parked cars.

Avoid the Right Side

You should never stop on the right-hand side of a vehicle. If you ar on the right-hand side of a car, you are stopped in the driver’s blind spot. If the car is planning on making a right turn, the driver might turn right into your bike. Always stop behind the car even if there is a bike lane. Wait until the car in front of you proceeds before you approach the intersection.

Don’t Get Doored

You are aware of the dangers of riding through areas where there are many parked cars. There is also a risk of getting doored when someone either enters or exits a vehicle. To prevent being hit by an opening door, you should ride at least four feet out in the lane so the door won’t reach you. Riding too close to the right of the street can increase the chances of being hit by a door and being injured.

Intersection Crashes

Intersections can be very dangerous. Make sure you keep your hand on the brake and make eye contact with all the drivers so they will notice you.  You should be ready to ride defensively and get out of the way if the need arises.


There can be problems when judging the distance between a car and a bicycle. In order to decrease the chances of being side-swiped, you should approach the area as “loud and proud.” Get in the center of the lane so cars passing you will have to go over in the other lane. By placing yourself in a visible spot, you are significantly reducing your chances of being side-swiped. If you ride over toward the right-hand side by the curb you are more likely to be hit.

Additional Safety Tips

By knowing what to do when you encounter these dangerous situations and by working to make sure you are visible when cycling, you can keep yourself safe while on the roads. Adhere to the traffic laws, and always research the traffic laws when you are going to be riding in a new area. Safety is the key to years of safe, fun, and healthy riding.

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