Where’s the Rack, Peoria?

“Where’s the Rack, Peoria” is a grass-roots initiative led by members of the Illinois Valley Wheelm’n and Your Average Jo Biker Club to document the locations of all bicycle racks in the Greater Peoria metropolitan area.  With this information available, we hope it will be easier for bicycle commuters to select the places to shop, eat, work, and socialize where they know their bicycle can safely and quickly be locked up (and still be there when they leave!).  In addition, we also hope the map may inspire more local businesses to install a bicycle rack for cyclists to use once they see how popular the idea becomes!

If you would like to report the location of a bicycle rack for inclusion on our Google Map (see below) please send an e-mail to wheres.the.rack@gmail.com OR https://www.facebook.com/Wheres.the.Rack.Peoria OR visit the project website at www.wherestherack.org

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