Ride Levels, Rules

Ride levels

Beginner/Family: These rides are at a casual pace averaging less than 12 miles per hour and ride as a group.

Level 1: Rides average 12-14 miles per hour and regroup on a regular basis

Level 2: Rides average 13-17 miles per hour and regroup occasionally.

Level 3: Rides average 17 miles per hour and over. Riders may regroup periodically but should be prepared to ride in pace lines to keep from being dropped.

Show and Go: Rides have NO leaders. The distance and speed is decided upon by the group, but governed by the ride level designated.

Ride rules

  1. Riders must obey all Illinois Traffic Laws.
  2. Ride no more than two abreast.
  3. When riding in a large group, create space to help motorists.
  4. Use hand signals and obey all traffic signals.
  5. Check all intersections for traffic.
  6. Warn riders of potholes, dogs, cars, and other obstacles.
  7. Riders are required to wear approved helmets
  8. Riders should make certain their bikes are in good working order.
  9. Riders should carry water and a spare tube for their wheel size.
  10. Riders should be prepared for weather conditions.
  11. Riders should arrive in time to be ready to ride at the start time.