Routes Book

In 2008, former IVW prez Kathy John organized a project to document favorite local riding routes of IVW members.  The goal was to create a reference manual that could be used by locals and visitors to find safe and fun places to ride.  Our project eventually evolved into a book of 50 local routes, and 50 recipes provided by those IVW members who did not know enough about local riding to provide a route.  Routes provide information such as a safe starting location, items of interest along the way, an overall-view map, cue sheet, and notes section.  As an added bonus, each book comes with a CD-Rom containing each route in PDF form, and a downloadable GARMIN route if you have the appropriate/compatable GPS unit.

The Routes and Recipes books were available in local bike shops for years, at a cost that varied with shop, generally 15-20 dollars. We also sold them directly to people that requested copies.

In 2016, with all known copies sold, the IVW board decided to allow downloading of the PDF to anyone that desired a copy. Use with care as advertisers, links, and routes will no doubt be impacted by time. Since we are giving away this PDF, we don’t plan another printing.

We hope you enjoy this book!