The Drive to Survive

Picture of driver texting.Read the article here.

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Adorable Alpacas Ride Pictures

These are pictures from our Adorable Alpacas Out of the Box Ride on August 22.  In the pictures are Ron Jensen, Suzanne Ginger, LaVerne Wilson, Ken Pope, Terry Hunt, Joe Baumann, and Jerry Haley.

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Decided to Ride Pictures

Decided to ride cover image

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Wanted to buy: good used hybrid

Pam Hoehne is looking to buy a quality good used hybrid to fit a person about 5′ 10″ or 6′. Hers that she shared with her son was stolen. Contact Pam at 339-9777.

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Cycle Classic Tours

We get mail. Here is an offer of commercial European tours.

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The Free Rider Myth – Who Really Pays for the Roads?

I joined Bike Illinois this year, and I have been impressed with some of their literature. The link below points to one of their articles.

Have you ever been harassed by a motorist claiming that, as a cyclist, you don’t pay for the roads? As it turns out, they don’t pay for them either. Read more here.

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Cycling Tuscany

We get mail…

Dear Club Members,

We would like to introduce Cycling Tuscany on the Road to you. This is a fresh cycle tour agency aimed at those who want to enjoy the pleasures of Tuscany on a bike and at the same time being immersed in the culture and flavours of a beautiful region at an affordable price.

Our tours are ideal for the recreational/touring cyclist. We hope you take the time to go to our site and discover for yourself a choice of amazing cycling holiday experiences in this beautiful area of Tuscany.

Would it be possible for you to add this email to your club site or Facebook page?

Many thanks and kind regards,
Derek and Luca

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Illinois Bike Ride – Ends of the Earth Cycling


My name is Lisa and I serve with Ends of the Earth Cycling. I am writing to let you know that we are planning on bringing one of our long-distance cycling tours to Illinois in June 2016!

Our Illinois Bike Ride will begin in Zion, IL on June 10th and end in Charleston, IL. We will pedal 300 miles in 5 days. The purpose of our tours is to transform the lives of global youth. This ride will benefit the Philippines. Going into this year, we have already hosted 9 tours in states like MD, KY, OH, and more. In our tours, we have seen more than 250 cyclists, almost 100 support staff volunteers, and upwards of $250,000 raised for youth ministries around the world!

We would like to ask you to consider partnering with us as we host our 5th annual Ends Cycling tour in the state of Illinois. Here are a few ideas we have, please let us know if any of these will work for you:

  1. Share the Ride Flyer (attached) on your cycling club’s social media page(s). We will, in turn share about your club on our Ends Cycling FB Page.
  2. Request a # of print flyers. We’ll mail them to you at our cost – just let us know how many you’d be willing to give out to your cycling club.
  3. Host a Rest Stop. We’ve had a number of cycling clubs host rest stops for us during our tours, such as the Bluegrass Cycling Club in Lexington, KY. If your club would like to give back in that way, it’d be a huge blessing!

Thank you for your consideration. We hope to hear from you regarding partnering with our 2016 Illinois Bike Ride. Thank you and have a blessed day!


Lisa Perfors
Illinois Ride Director
Ends of the Earth Cycling


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2016 Lakes of Northern Italy Bike Tour

We received this email:

2016 our overall offering:

Lake Maggiore – Lake Como – Lake Varese – Lake Lugano – Madonna del Ghisallo

We have something for everyone, from the casual rider to the “well seasoned” rider, and for non-rider too.

For any information and reservation, please contact directly Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria at Varese, your cycling base in Italian Lake District:

Viale Borri 98 – 21100 Varese VA (Italy) – Phone +39 0332 264 325
For cycling tips, please get in touch with GPSVarese:

No matter what your fitness level is, every day the ride can be designed to challenge you or alternately give you an easier day, if needed. All daily rides start from our Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria located in the town of Varese.

The hotel is family owned and operated for three generations. All the family works here. Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria and GPSVarese are composed by the same team that works together.

Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo the Patroness of cyclists:
The small Chapel is at Magreglio (CO) between the two branches of Lake Como. It is venerated by international cycling as patroness of cycling and the place has become the focus of many riders’ pilgrimages.

We look forward to having you on tour ! Best regards,
Stefano Argenti

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Bike Fridays for sale

Blue(1)and Green(1) Bike Fridays American made in Eugene, Oregon.  Purchased in 2003 for $862.30 each.  Bikes were used on about 5 airplane vacations.  Bikes were ridden about 30 to 40 days.  Sale includes all accessories which were all part of the original sales price:  1 air pump, 2 travel hard plastic cases, and 2 under seat accessory bags.  Asking price:  $550. Each.  One owner and well maintained.  Call Sandi or George Burrier, 309-266-5085
Image 1image2

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