Early Bird Special for TOMRV

Greetings TOMRV riders.

Registration for 2018 TOMRV 41 OPENS this Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7AM Central Time. The tour date is the weekend June 9 and 10, 2018.

To register go to https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=128323.

There is good news for our route… the long wait for the replacement bridge at Sabula is over – the new bridge opened in November this year. In addition, the roadway from Miles to Sabula was just repaved – which was certainly the roughest road on our route. As in the past the beer garden and music will greet the riders on Saturday when they arrive at Clarke College.

Most new TOMRV riders come with friends who have ridden the tour before. Forward the registration link to your cycling friends and bike club members about TOMRV.

You will find information about the tour at http://qcbc.org/tomrv/. This includes last year’s route (in the packet link), which, except in case of detours, will be the same in 2018. Like us on our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/TomrvRider/.

Keep riding and see you on TOMRV in June.

Doug Truesdell
TOMRV 41 Coordinator


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Some of our own on YouTube

Thumbnail of Rebecca & Fai

A short clip, giving their impressions of the 50th Hilly Hundred.


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End of Year Banquet Results

Updated with runner-ups!

Most improved Female
Winner: Jana Reed
Also nominated: Bonnie Windsor, Bonnie Martin

Most improved male
Winner: Larry Trollope
Also nominated: Fai Mok

Hub of Club
Winner: Rebecca Senneff
Also nominated: Dirk McGuire, Mark Wilkinson

Most miles in the saddle
Winner: Steve Kurt 8808 miles
Runners up:
Fai Mok                    8703.5
Mary Lou Price        6752.5
Al Covington            5668.6
Denny Tresenriter     5596.2
Randy Anderson       3499.7
Peggy Tresenriter     2964.9
Anthony Strickland  2749.8
Larry Trollope          2385.4
Jack Brejc                 2022.0
Tao Zhu                    1813.9
Briggs Mushrush      1497.2
Jim Wittmer              1212.9
Tom Moses               1148.1
Jim DeVore               1097.8
Andy Crosman           748.8
Charlie Miller             510.2

Ride leaders
Membership discount, details TBD

2018 board:
President, Rebecca Senneff
Vice President, Pam Hoehne
Treasurer, Richard McDonnell
Secretary, Randy Senneff
No Baloney Director, OPEN
Ride Coordinator, Fai Mok
Social Event Coordinator, Bev Ketel
Trash Pickup Coordinator, Neil Terry
Webmaster, Jim DeVore

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Ladies Shoes For Sale

for sale image

Shimano SH-SD 66 Ladies Bicycling Sandals
EU Size 37-38 USA 6 1/2 – 7
Contact Michelle McGuire @ 309-253-8482.

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Wanted to buy: good used hybrid

Pam Hoehne is looking to buy a quality good used hybrid to fit a person about 5′ 10″ or 6′. Hers that she shared with her son was stolen. Contact Pam at 339-9777.

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Bike Fridays for sale

Blue(1)and Green(1) Bike Fridays American made in Eugene, Oregon.  Purchased in 2003 for $862.30 each.  Bikes were used on about 5 airplane vacations.  Bikes were ridden about 30 to 40 days.  Sale includes all accessories which were all part of the original sales price:  1 air pump, 2 travel hard plastic cases, and 2 under seat accessory bags.  Asking price:  $550. Each.  One owner and well maintained.  Call Sandi or George Burrier, 309-266-5085
Image 1image2

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