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Founded in 1973, the Illinois Valley Wheelm’n have been a source of cycling advocacy and recreation to the Greater Peoria area for 40+ years.  Since that time, the club has consistently maintained a club newsletter detailing all activities involving the members, area bicycle shops, ride leaders, advocates, city government, etc… While the long-term historical impact of this newsletter wasn’t likely realized by those who started it, a quick look back at 40+ years of cycling history quickly reveals how much has changed – and stayed the same – during this time.

This website is a collection of *most* newsletters in PDF form created by the club from 1973 – 2013.  A big “Thank you” goes out to long-time club member/leader/advocate, Ron Anderson, who thoughtfully kept all newsletters through the years in his archives – knowing some day they might be of use.  Unfortunately, at the end of 2013, the club board members made a hard decision to discontinue production of the newsletter due to the time involved and lack of interest by a member to act as “editor-in-chief”.  Thankfully – in our day & age of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, websites, e-mail, etc… information about our club can continue to be passed on, but in a form not conducive to long-term storage & recall.

I hope you enjoy reading through the history of our bicycle club, and seeing how much our club members have impacted this area over the past 40 years.

Club Newsletter Archives